merv_cw.jpgMerv Forney founded the Business Interchange Group (BIG), a management and technology consulting firm in July, 1999. Merv's business and technology background allows him to develop and/or deploy many web based technologies used for his all of his clients.

He and his wife Pamela formed the Choice3 Realty Group in 2004 doing business exclusively as real estate consultants. Merv used his 25+ years experience as an executive with IT services firm EDS to develop his real estate consulting models using comprehensive fee schedules still in use today.

In March of 2005, Merv launched one of the very first national and regional real estate Blogs: the Northern Virginia Real Estate Guide. His Blog consistently ranked among the top 100 nationally and at its peak had in excess of 120,000 page views per month. His consulting business model, technology expertise and business approach served him well in an industry ready for significant change.

In addition to Website development, Merv also focuses on assisting real estate agents with marketing, Blogging and the use of his proprietary SmartPlan™; an industry first applying Activity Based Pricing to real estate transactions. SmartPlan™ provides complete consumer cost transparency that is inherently lacking in the traditional commission model.

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    Hello Merv,
    I'd like to know more about your SmartPlan. I'm a real estate Broker in California. For many years I've provided professional real estate services for my clients on a fee for services basis. Since most of my business is based under the traditional commission model, I have never developed the consultancy model. I'm ready to restructure my practice to reflect a bundled fee service, unbundled structured fee schedule, and an ala carte service model where my clients pay for only those services they need. Do you give direction in those areas as well?
    John Bell

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