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A List Apart

A List Apart is the authoritative resource for web design and content. I use it extensively and learn more every time I visit. Subjects include: CodeMarkup, style, scripting, and server-side...

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Movable Type: Industrial Strength Blog Platform

Movable Type - The name refers to a process with origins in China in the 11th century: Movable type is the system of printing and typography that uses movable components...

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BACKUS Design | Build ~ Leesburg, VA

This is the best example of using MT as a Content Management System (CMS). There is not a sign of a Blog anywhere on this site. The client has complete...

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Movable Type: Run Periodic Tasks on GoDaddy Hosting

We experienced an issue running periodic tasks on GoDaddy's servers. "Periodic Tasks" is a tool in the MT library that allows many functions to be run in the background such as publishing entries in the future (Write Entry => Publishing => Status => Scheduled).

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The Morning News

The Morning News is one of the sites we use for design inspiration. It is also built on the MT platform. Clean, open and very readable! Great News format that...

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Providence :: it was meant to be

Here's our personal RV Travel site built on MT 4.32 (latest MT production release). Its capability is rich and very efficient. The slide show on the home page uses the...

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icdSOFT Provides Outstanding Hosting Performance for only $6/month

We recommend using icdSOFT for web hosting. We have used this company for over 5 years and have experienced excellent service. Here are the highlights:

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Overlook at Greenbrier POA ~ White Sulphur Springs, WV

Overlook at Greenbrier is one of my favorites for aesthetics. Built and maintained for the Property Owners Association (POA) of this Greenbrier, WV mountain community. It features both public and...

more »» ~ St. Louis, MO was built for a new brokerage in St. Louis, MO and features significant custom coding to provide for public use as well as back end brokerage/agent administrative use. It...

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Hybrid News Lite

You are currently viewing the Hybrid News Theme with custom styling to take the "heaviness" out of the original Hybrid News port to Movable Type. You can also see my...

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Dulles Area Association of REALTORS®

The Dulles Area Association of REALTORS® (DAAR) website is perhaps the most comprehensive. It features dynamic content as well as a feature rich interface to Google calendar for displaying the...

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Raspberry Falls HOA ~ Leesburg, VA

The Raspberry Falls HOA site features both public and private "residents only" content. Designed to use the MT 4(+) platform as a Content Management System. The site enjoys a 4...

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Testing Character Encoding from the MT database

Real-estate Con-sult-ant: [rē′ əl, e stā′t, kən sult′nt] - pronoun The database encoding is set to utf8_general_ci and it appears it displays fine here.Significant Changes Coming: #4 ACRE® Advisory Board...

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The Consulting Times ~ Real Estate Consulting

The Consulting Times is the official site promoting the Accredited Consultant in Real Estate (ACRE®) designation for real estate professionals. It is designed and maintained on the MT 4(+) platform...

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Current Hybrid News Style: Blue-Gray

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