Movable Type: Run Periodic Tasks on GoDaddy Hosting

We experienced an issue running periodic tasks on GoDaddy's servers. "Periodic Tasks" is a tool in the MT library that allows many functions to be run in the background such as publishing entries in the future (Write Entry => Publishing => Status => Scheduled). Here's what we found:

The GoDaddy cron setup wizard requires a full path address to run-periodic-tasks but the resulting cron command is:
cd  /home/content/d/a/a/userid/html/cgi-bin/; ./tools/run-periodic-tasks
Executing the "out of the box" run-periodic-tasks tool from the cron job produced a module addressing error. The code in run-periodic-tasks causing the error was:
use lib 'lib', '../lib'; (go up one level to find the lib directory)
A quick change to the full path of the MT lib directory:
use lib '/home/content/d/a/a/userid/html/cgi/mt/lib/';
got it to work fine.

The "out of the box" run-periodic-tasks code works fine in the icdSOFT hosting environment. The cron job setup is
also using the full path to the task and referencing ../lib works fine.


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