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Enabling PHP on your server

Hosting providers have different requirements to enable PHP on the servers you use. Our experience is: GoDaddy: Requires all Web pages containg PHP code have the .php file type. icdSoft:...

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Adding optional page layouts to MT 4+ themes

There are instances when it is desired to have page layout options in the MT 4+ themes besides wtt, twt, tw, wt, mw and wm  (w=wide, t=thin, m=medium). A case...

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** Test title resulting in a URL with a leading dash

We have detected a condition causing server 500 errors (not a good thing) when the entry title contains non-alpha/numeric leading characters.The Entry Title is used to create an entry URL...

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DAX Safety & Staffing, LLC ~ Kansas City, MO

A site quickly developed for a heavy construction safety and staffing consultant in Kansas City, MO. Features include a slide show with fading transistions using jQuery and Javascript DHTML active...

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What's style got to do with it?

Prior to all the Social Networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, Blogs were the most explosive phenomena on the planet! Blogs were the original innovation for people to express...

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Is Google changing their search pages?

I found a link to this article this morning on the TypePad site:Google's new look? The search giant is testing a revamped results page...The good news, should the new look...

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