Adding optional page layouts to MT 4+ themes

There are instances when it is desired to have page layout options in the MT 4+ themes besides wtt, twt, tw, wt, mw and wm  (w=wide, t=thin, m=medium). A case in point: on our personal Blog Providence (using the MT Professional Black Theme) we wanted a full Page width with no sidebars to display a Google Calendar and Google Map the entire width. Here's how we got it:

The Stylesheet index includes two css files:
@import url(<$mt:StaticWebPath$>themes-base/blog.css);
@import url(<$mt:StaticWebPath$>addons/Commercial.pack/themes/professional-black/screen.css);
The themes-base/blog.css is the standard setup for all themes and contains the css definitions for the various layouts. We added the following:
/* Wide */
.layout-w #alpha {
    width: 940px;
.layout-w #beta }
    width: 0px;
The standard Page layout is wide-medium (wm) defined in the Page archive template with this code:
<$mt:Var name="page_layout" value="layout-wm"$>
The "page-layout" variable is later used to set the content style. We have two Pages created: "Road calendar" and "Road map" requiring the wide layout. Here is the code we added to the Page archive template (right after the standard value above):
<mt:If tag="PageTitle" eq="Road map">
<$mt:Var name="page_layout" value="layout-w"$>
<mt:If tag="PageTitle" eq="Road calendar">
<$mt:Var name="page_layout" value="layout-w"$>
Add the content to the pages and you will have a single wide page layout. Here are my examples:
Road Calendar
Road Map


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