What's style got to do with it?

help.pngPrior to all the Social Networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, Blogs were the most explosive phenomena on the planet! Blogs were the original innovation for people to express themselves and invite participation by others. Politics, personals, diaries, merchants, products, real estate services (yes!) and much more. Blogs are probably more relevant today than ever before. Blogs are free expression. Blogs have personality. Blogs make statements. Blogs entertain. Blogs and social media are symbiotic. Blogs have style!

In search of the ultimate blog style...

Check out these samples: Style can be subjectively measured in many ways; from the first visual impression to the depth of content. I didn't care for IMUS at first but after staying tuned for more than a minute, he grew on me. Those mentioned above are our Favorites for reasons of style; albeit visual and/or cerebral.

I prefer the more subtle, organized, clean style and clear organized thought. I am also visual. Give me pictures and diagrams.
Our style is evolving. Ultimately it may never be static. I think that is a good thing. We would gladly entertain your comments, suggestions and/or criticisms.


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