Best in class email marketing

Deliver your message to the right people with opt-in email marketing. We deliver best in class, proven techniques to get you noticed whether it is for personal use, organizations such as non-profits/associations or business. You will be surprised at how affordable it is.

We do everything for you:
- Already have a subscriber/customer list? We load it for you.
- Build a subscriber list from scratch
- Design the look and feel of the email
- Personalize it to specific subscribers
- Always include an unsubscribe link that takes effect immediately
- Test it for proper appearance in all the major email clients
- Schedule delivery
- Give you access to all the stats so you can see your message effectiveness
- Provide a Sign Up form for your Website

Do it yourself:
- email Newsletters
- Website sign up forms
- Follow up autoresponders
- Email analytics
- Top-notch email deliverability
- Unlimited campaigns at a VERY low monthly cost
- Vast supply of ready to use templates
- Superior customer support
- Check out one of our partners: AWeber Communications

Just need help with a custom design?
- We design your templates using email client compatible methods
- You add your own content
- Schedule you own deliveries
- You take advantage of AWeber affordable rates

Either way, you will be on the forefront of electronic marketing. Need help? Contact us for a complimentary consultation and pricing.

Important:  email marketing SPAM is never tolerated and we will not support marketing with purchased email lists. Your list must be an existing membership list already opted-in to receive communication or a list derived from an opt-in process. We only support permission based email marketing. No exceptions. Period.



Specializing in management consulting, marketing, Website/Blogsite development, Movable Type, application of open source software and Activity Based Costing and Pricing for service organizations. Contact us for more information.

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