Website development approach

Our Website development approach follow these basic philosophies:

Deploy an administrative platform that supports

1. a content management system (CMS) allowing end user content maintenance
2. a web browser "style sheet" system for flexible design
3. Web 2.0 capabilities for possible visitor interaction
4. capability to easily integrate third party software
5. adherence to Web Standards
6. cross browser compatibility (i.e. Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and Firefox)

Choose a Web Hosting company that

1. supports industry standard software
2. is responsive for maximum user/visitor positive experience
3. has a record of 99.9% plus up time
4. is cost effective

Maximize search engine optimization (SEO) by

1. creating web pages which are search engine friendly
2. deploying key search terms in page titles and content
3. submitting "site maps" to search engines for easy indexing

Site development using a live 10 step "Cascading" method:

1. choose a color palette consistent with organization branding
2. design a navigation scheme
3. design/refine page layouts
4. create shell pages
5. select appropriate graphics to be used
6. integrate third party software (i.e. Calendar)
7. add/edit page content
8. engage user in every step
9. iterate over steps 2 through 9 to refine presentation
10. announce public launch

Use free, open source software and/or services whenever possible to reduce development/maintenance cost



Specializing in management consulting, marketing, Website/Blogsite development, Movable Type, application of open source software and Activity Based Costing and Pricing for service organizations. Contact us for more information.

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