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Leesburg Vintner ~ Leesburg, VA

First web building project using sureWebBuilder, a Content Management System (CMS) offered by our hosting provider icdSOFT. A Social Site using Facebook API.

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icdSOFT Releases sureWebBuilder

icdSOFT recently released sureWebBuilder, a new Content Management System (CMS) that is easy to use and highly customizable. The Objective: Rapid development of custom websites at a low cost.

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Using images as input in an HTML form

Learn something new every time I try something different and in this case it has everything to do with browser interpretation of standards. Example: Look to the right and you...

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Hybrid News now in more colors!

I just completed modifying the style sheets to generate Hybrid News in more colors including: red, raspberry, green, Hybrid News Lite (blue), yellow, blue-gray and gray.

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Current Hybrid News Style: Blue-Gray

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  • Solveig Wiborg commented on:
    Hybrid News now in more colors!
    I don’t actually want a color switcher on my Theme Hybrid News, ...
  • Merv commented on:
    Hi Mort, I'll send you the code in an email. Please realize ...
  • Mort commented on:
    HI. I would like to know if you sell the code that ...
  • Jennifer Allan commented on:
    Jennifer Allan's SWS Connect
    It is, indeed... AWESOME!!! Thank you, Merv! ...
  • Tom Keys commented on:
    Hi Merv,I am anew Acre and I saw in one of your ...

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