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Getting the most out of Movable Type

Enabling PHP on your server

Hosting providers have different requirements to enable PHP on the servers you use. Our experience is: GoDaddy: Requires all Web pages containg PHP code have the .php file type. icdSoft:...

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Adding optional page layouts to MT 4+ themes

There are instances when it is desired to have page layout options in the MT 4+ themes besides wtt, twt, tw, wt, mw and wm  (w=wide, t=thin, m=medium). A case...

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Movable Type: Run Periodic Tasks on GoDaddy Hosting

We experienced an issue running periodic tasks on GoDaddy's servers. "Periodic Tasks" is a tool in the MT library that allows many functions to be run in the background such as publishing entries in the future (Write Entry => Publishing => Status => Scheduled).

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