Testing new MT releases or new features

** Test title resulting in a URL with a leading dash

We have detected a condition causing server 500 errors (not a good thing) when the entry title contains non-alpha/numeric leading characters.The Entry Title is used to create an entry URL...

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Testing Character Encoding from the MT database

Real-estate Con-sult-ant: [rē′ əl, e stā′t, kən sult′nt] - pronoun The database encoding is set to utf8_general_ci and it appears it displays fine here.Significant Changes Coming: #4 ACRE® Advisory Board...

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Example of plugin data without the blog id

Here's an example of the Hybrid News plugin data being stored in the data base without the blog id.The first entry is one in which the blog id was added...

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Making tweeks to get Hybrid News to work with MT 4.32

Here are issues discovered with Hybrid News running under MT 4.32:The Bio author custom field is not registered properly by the plugin. Adding an Author Bio results in a MT...

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First test entry

This is my first test entry of the Hybrid News on MT 4.32I had to manually fix the Plugin data in the data base because it is being stored by...

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Current Hybrid News Style: Blue-Gray

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