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The Consulting Professional

The Consulting Professional site becomes the official website of the Accredited Consultant in Real Estateā„¢ (ACRE) program. It is a complete redevelopment and transition of The Consulting Times, the former site for ACRE).

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Jennifer Allan's SWS Connect

Jennifer Allan's Sell With Soul new website: SWS Connect. We took her concepts for Connect and turned it into a website that integrated jQuery extensively to provide her members an easy to use, postive web experience.

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Google Calendar Integrated with Movable Type

Google Calendar is a popular free service. Displaying the full calendar on a web page is relatively easy and Google will let you customize the look, include multiple calendars and...

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Raspberry Falls HOA (upgrade) ~ Leesburg, VA

A major upgrade to the Raspberry Falls HOA Website was installed in March 2011. The new site was built on the Hybrid News Theme with a private residents blog utilizing the MT Community features.

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Using images as input in an HTML form

Learn something new every time I try something different and in this case it has everything to do with browser interpretation of standards. Example: Look to the right and you...

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Enabling PHP on your server

Hosting providers have different requirements to enable PHP on the servers you use. Our experience is: GoDaddy: Requires all Web pages containg PHP code have the .php file type. icdSoft:...

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